#1 xGracex Suchen neuen Gitaristen von xDaimienx 12.05.2009 01:26


MySpace post from xGracex :

hey there!

since Andy is pretty busy with his family, work and other stuff he no longer will be able to play all of our upcomng shows - or even practice with the band on a regular basis.

so XGRACEX is looking for a committed and highly motivated guitar player to fill in for Andy.

please send us your application - scenetraitor@gmx.de

since XGRACEX is a vegetarian Straight Edge band it would be cool if you are too.



#2 RE: xGracex Suchen neuen Gitaristen von xshelterx 12.05.2009 12:39


wenn ich mitm abi fertig bin bewerb ich mich da:D

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